Clean up my child’s lunch box

During the consultation we will discuss the natural / green options that best suit your family and budget, why it is important to change, where you can get things from, set up an account with a fantastic online retailer, draw up your shopping list and should you place your order, your wonderful new goodies will arrive within a day or two.You may also receive bonus tips, articles, discount codes and recipes, relevant to the area you’ve chosen to work on.

Why change?

    • Helping your child form healthy eating habits makes them more likely to hold onto these habits as they grow up.
    • Children have important dietary needs in order to support proper brain development, physical development and emotional well being. Eating a balanced, whole food diet that is organic / ethical / local / preservative and additive free where possible should meet most if not all needs. Supplements may be needed for specific issues or for optimal development especially if you live in a city, but a good diet is key.
    • Many chronic health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, have roots that trace back to an unhealthy childhood diet.
    • Helping children get the right nutrients energises them and supports their ability to learn, play and interact.
    • Helping children eat a varied diet means that they should get a variety of and sufficient nutrients.
    • Eating optimally means that their appetites should self-regulate preventing overeating.

    We will adventure together to work out delicious and fun lunch box ideas that make for optimal nutrition, good brain functioning and healthy energy. You’ll be surprised by how many options there are and how much calmer and more focused your child can become. I’ll provide you with healthy snack ideas, health tips and allergy friendly alternatives.

Success is rarely final, failure is rarely fatal. It’s courage that counts.

inspired by John Wooden

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