Clean up our diets

NOTE: This consultation should not replace or be construed as medical advice.

NOTE: A 3-day food diary needs to be included in the questionnaire which needs to be completed prior to booking a consultation.  Please allow time to record this before booking.

Finding out that your child is allergic / intolerant to all sorts of things can be daunting and upsetting, but it is best to see change / healing as a journey that you can settle in to peacefully and knowingly. The alternative is deteriorating health, so, that isn’t an option. For some the dietary adjustments will be permanent, for some they will be temporary, but you may very well find that you like your new diet and how you feel!

We will work together on a new dietary perspective and meal and snack ideas.

Whether it is gluten or wheat free, lactose or dairy free, nut free, reduced sugar, vegan or vegetarian or anything else, I can help you craft alternatives that will work for you.

We will look at your grocery cupboard and fridge and rework it to be an allergy friendly one that will be a health boost to everyone.

This can be a fun taste safari!

An accepting mental attitude is key to success.

Good things take time, as they should. We shouldn’t expect good things to happen overnight.

John Wooden

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