We want to live simply and naturally
By using my services, you will also be investing in two wonderful organisations:

Beautiful Gate

Beautiful Gate operates in Philippi and Crossroads in Cape Town and in their words ‘cares for and protects children, empowers and preserves families and mobilises their community.’ They are such a wonderful, inspiring group of people sharing the love of Jesus creatively and tangibly. The stories of hope are life changing ones. I love supporting them.


Peninsula School Feeding Association

PSFA’s main aims are to reduce short term hunger, enhance children’s ability to learn through school feeding and thereby increase school attendance and children’s ability to focus. They operate in the Western Cape.
Reading the stories in their newsletters leaves you immensely grateful for the little tummies they feed as there is little to no food in so many homes. They run holiday feeding clinics in the poorest areas to prevent children from starving! They are resourceful and run the organisation very well. I love what they do.