Natural, environmentally friendly home cleaning helps to create a healthy home, body and eco-system.

Is going green worth it?

How significant can the change to green cleaning products be for people?

Consider this feedback from the principal of the pre-school my littlie used to attend. She decided to change to all-natural cleaning products after I helped her source them at a wholesale rate.

From day one we were amazed using these products on the toys and furniture. I sprayed our plastic tables which were looking very dirty after the work cycle. I left the detergent to sit (as I got distracted) and after 10 minutes, I wiped down the tables and we were all amazed as they looked brand new. We use this range in the kitchen, bathrooms and classroom. I love the smell of the products as it’s not overly pungent.

Mandy Danks, principal Smart Start Montessori, Milnerton, Cape Town

In my mind, it starts with awareness.

Would your buying patterns and priorities change if you knew:

  • that repeated exposure to some commonly used chemicals may cause neurological impairment at ANY stage i.e. from in utero to old age?
  • Or that the allergies and skin irritations that your children have may be caused by cleaning chemicals?

Would it help to know that changing to environmentally friendly products is:

  • easy and can be cost effective?
  • Not to mention that your home is going to be naturally clean and fresh smelling.


  • They may cause skin, respiratory and eye irritation.
  • They may cause allergies and asthma
  • They may disrupt hormones, which has far reaching effects.
  • Repeated exposure may cause neurological impairment at any stage i.e. from in utero to old age. This includes lowered IQ, ADHD, Autism, cognitive, motor and sensory impairments, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Our plugs and toilets aren’t magic black holes. The water (plus whatever we’ve put it in it) is treated and we drink it again. As a result, many of those nasties are now ingested, negatively affecting our bodies, but especially our gut flora and hormones.
  • The chemicals end up in our waterways and soil, the soil in which our food may be grown. Our wildlife and flora also have to deal with the likes of ammonia, chlorine, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and petrochemicals.


What are some of the positives of using natural cleaning materials?

  • You dramatically reduce your family and the environment’s toxin exposure.
  • Many natural cleaners are multi-purpose meaning you need fewer products to clean your house, which results in welcome savings.
  • There are many locally produced brands, so their carbon footprint isn’t an issue. Instead you are helping to invest in the future health of your family, the environment and the economy. It’s exciting!
  • You can make your own very easily and save even more money.

A key consideration when evaluating whether you should change to a natural lifestyle, is the cumulative effect of chemicals, pollutants, food additives, industrial processing and toxins on your body, your family, your home and the earth.

One product / exposure may not cause serious harm, but add up the effect of the 10 – 15 household cleaners, the 10 – 40 toiletry and make-up products we use, the commercially farmed food we eat and the hidden toxic sources in the home such as laminate textiles, fire retardants on furniture and bedding etc. and our exposure levels often are or verge on being dangerous.


You, fortunately, are now aware that standard cleaning products are linked to many allergic reactions and may even cause long term serious damage to your health as well as the health of the environment.

But cleaning naturally is a delight, as it is easy, cost effective and kind … and it smells wonderful.

This is in OUR control because it is OUR home and WE purchase these products.

We can be the change … and get peace of mind.

For a helping hand to change to natural cleaning products that suit your home and budget, book a Home Cleaning consultation.

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