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Perfectly natural baby love

During the consultation we will discuss the natural / green options that best suit your family and budget, why it is important to change, where you can get things from, set up an account with a fantastic online retailer, draw up your shopping list and should you place your order, your wonderful new goodies will arrive within a day or two.You may also receive bonus tips, articles, discount codes and recipes, relevant to the area you’ve chosen to work on.

Why change?

  • Babies skins are more absorbent and more sensitive, so it makes sense that what you put on their skin makes a big difference.
  • Babies immune systems are developing, so a supportive, healthy environment is important.
  • The world is a very polluted place especially if you live in a city, so do what YOU can to make their home as safe as possible.
  • Every positive choice makes a difference, so be encouraged!

We will work together to plan for a nurturing, natural homecoming environment for your new baby or change an existing one.

We will plan for their environment to be cleaned naturally, furnished naturally and for baby’s products to be gentle and safe – from natural creams, to healthy bottles, to eco-friendly nappies, to sustainable, natural toys. Perfection is not the goal. Your love will create an environment that allows for authentic change in the real world.

I will hold myself to a standard of GRACE not perfection.

Emily Ley

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