Clean up our diets

      NOTE: The information that will be given should not be construed as or replace medical advice.   Do you need help in transforming lunch boxes to be fresh, healthy and nutrient dense to help your child thrive? We will adventure … Read More

      Clean up my child’s lunch box

      Would you like help in living with allergies? We’ve walked a long road as a family, and have learnt many helpful practices, recipes and habits that could make your life and outlook much easier. Book Now

      Clean up my toiletries and make-up

      Concerned about the same old, same old chemical laden cleaning routine? You should be. Go natural and dramatically reduce your family and the environment’s toxin exposure, whilst using multi-purpose natural cleaners that save you money and give you peace of … Read More

      Natural baby

      Select your date and time by clicking on the Date and Time below [icon icon=kt-icon-hand-o-down size=16px color=#cdb793 ]… Read More

      Clean up my home cleaning routine

      Would you like to transition more of your home? Have you considered the health ramifications of your furniture choices, flooring, cupboards, wall paint, bedding and beds most especially? Of your electromagnetic environment which is particularly affected by wireless technology? There’s … Read More


      Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.

      Giving Back

      By using my services, you will also be investing in two wonderful organisations: Beautiful Gate Beautiful Gate operates in Philippi and Crossroads in Cape Town and in their words ‘cares for and protects children, empowers and preserves families and mobilises … Read More