What skin products should I use?
I’d love to be a helping hand to you if you’d like to transition to a natural and healthier lifestyle. My goal is to make this journey of change an exciting and stress free one for you and your family.

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali

We can work on the following areas together as you journey towards a healthier, kinder and simpler lifestyle.


Environmentally friendly home cleaning – we will up end that chemical laden cleaning cupboard, to a few well chosen and effective natural cleaners and cleaning methods, and voila, no more chemicals polluting your home environment. You will be using green cleaning products, made in South Africa. This is a critical change that everybody should make.


Natural baby environment – we will work together to create the calming, natural and nurturing environment that you envisage – from eco-friendly nappies to natural baby skin care products to natural, environmentally friendly nursery essentials.


Natural skin care and beauty – this consultation can have far reaching (positive) effects on your health. With your skin being your largest organ, ensuring that you aren’t applying harmful chemicals is paramount for your long-term health. But more that, the selection of natural and/or organic skin care, natural and/or organic make up and toiletries available these days means that you can choose from purely functional to highly nutritive and sophisticated options.


Healthy lunch boxes – lets tackle this bug bear head on and transform your children’s lunchboxes into nutritious, healthy, simple snacks that satisfy and are appealing to the eye and palate. Yes, healthy kids’ lunchboxes are definitely possible and do not have to be costly.


Eco-friendly home makeover – a truly environmentally conscious evaluation of the soft and decorative side of your home (including the likes of natural flooring, wall finishes, cupboards etc) as well as recommendations for functional hardware such as green heating / cooling solutions, water filters and EMF safety. The aim is to create a truly green home.


Allergy diet help – dealing with allergies can be bewildering! We will work together on a new dietary perspective and allergy friendly meal and snack ideas. Whether it is gluten or wheat free, lactose or dairy free, nut free, reduced sugar, vegan or vegetarian or anything else, I can help you craft alternatives that will work for you.

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