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    Have you considered the health ramifications of your furniture choices, flooring, cupboards, wall paint, bedding and beds most especially? Of your electromagnetic environment which is particularly affected by wireless technology?
    There’s a ‘çondition’ called sick house syndrome.
    What this means is that elements in the house such as mentioned above can be pernicious to your health.
    But the good news is that they can be easy to redress and will significantly improve the health of your home.
    I can help you address these issues and more in the comprehensive ‘A truly natural home’ consultation.

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    Would you like to move over to beautiful, natural skincare and make up?

    You will be so impressed by the range of choices – from sophisticated to functional.
    What will really bowl you over though is how lovely they smell and feel. Soon the contrast between chemical laden options and these options will be decidedly noticeable.

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