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    Tell me about your skin

    The questions below may surprise you as you may have thought that you just want to switch brands – which you can do, but if you’d like to optimise the health of your skin let us know your thoughts on the general health questions as well.

    Your age

    Skin type

    Average daily sun exposure time

    Do you wear a hat?


    Do you wear sun screen?


    Do you work


    How much sleep do you get on average?

    A healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle along with great natural products are going to optimise the state of your skin.

    Does your diet support a healthy skin?

    Think about the things listed below
    • sugar intake

    • refined foods like baked / fried flour-based foods

    • types of oil you cook with e.g. extra virgin vs refined

    • percentage of raw food

    • percentage of fresh produce and wholefoods in your diet

    • are your animal products free range / organic / ethical

    Do you / your family use any supplements? Which ones?

    What are your goals for your skin?

    How many products do you (and your family) currently use for:

    Make up

    Hair care

    Oral hygiene

    General personal use e.g. deodorants / scrubs / nail polish

    What is the value of all these products?

    What is your monthly budget for toiletries and make-up?

    What are your goals for personal / family hygiene?

    Concerned about the same old, same old chemical laden cleaning routine? You should be.

    Go natural and dramatically reduce your family and the environment’s toxin exposure, whilst using multi-purpose natural cleaners that save you money and give you peace of mind.
    There are many locally produced brands so carbon footprint doesn’t have to be an issue. Instead you are helping to invest in the future health of your family, the environment and the economy.
    It’s exciting!
    We will work together to work out exactly what you need, what suits your budget and get it ordered so that you can transition straight away to a beautiful, safely cleaned home that smells great. No more harmful chemicals that may damage your family’s health or the environment.

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    Do you need help in transforming lunch boxes to be fresh, healthy and nutrient dense to help your child thrive?

    We will adventure together to work out delicious and fun lunch boxes that make for optimal nutrition, good brain functioning and healthy energy. You’ll be surprised by how many options there are and how much calmer and more focused your child can become.
    Have a look here for more information.

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